Shop in Izvoare

At our shops we provide our customers with a wide range of products such as smoked and dry venison sausage, wild boar sausages and ham, venison frankfurter, different types of ham, smoked, smoked and salted venison or mangalitza bacon. Our products are prepared by our experienced butchers and nutritionists in our state-of-the-art  meat processing unit found in Ivo village.

Opening hours:

Nevember - February: each day from 8:00 until 18:00
March - April: each day from 8:00 until 19:00
May - August: each day from 8:00 until 20:00
September - October: each day from 8:00 until 19:00

Tel: 0740-017.673

Izvoare 134 / D

Products on Sale

Discover the culinary pleasure of fine game meat. Take a look at our products on sale.